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The new athlecat™ cat exercise wheel

new stock
cat wheels available IN 2 colours

Choose your style. Now available in light oak and black.

  • Made from High-Grade Wood
  • Low Sound
  • Pre-installed Design

Every cat deserves an athlecat™

Our Athlecat™ Cat Wheel - suitable for all ages, breeds, shapes, and sizes - is the best way to keep your cat mentally stimulated and physically healthy.

why buy from us?

Each cat running wheel has been tested by our quality team to make sure it's 100% cat safe.

Engineered with a strong and reliable base. Built for minimal noise, seamless turns. Made from 100% solid wood.

the full kit

8 Steps to turning your cat into an Athlecat™.

Our training guide - written by cat behavioral specialists to suit all feline personality types.

Dangler cat toy with artificial hanging stimulator also included.

Why buy a cat wheel?

  • Safe Indoor Exercise
  • Better Overall Training
  • Happier, Healthier Cat

Let your energetic cat channel their energy into physically productive and mentally stimulating play.

The Athlecat™ cat wheel - Changing The Way Cats Play

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