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Athlecat™ Cat Exercise Wheel

Athlecat™ Cat Exercise Wheel

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  • Replaceable Paw Friendly Carpet
  • Fits All Breeds, Shapes and Sizes
  • Boosts Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Athlecat Cat Wheel: Unleash a Happier, Healthier Cat

Cats thrive on movementAs naturally curious creatures, even indoor cats require a constant source of problem-solving challenges and physical activity. Cats are not meant to be docile. Without stimulation, they can exhibit various negative behaviors
Do any of these sound familiar?
  • Boredom, depression, and anxiety
  • A noticeable lack of interest in toys and activities
  • Irregular burst of energy and mood swings (often nicknamed 'the zoomies')
  • Destructive and harmful tendencies
  • Difficulty, if not impossibility, in training
  • Development of anti-social behaviors towards other cats and people

The Cat Running Wheel - The Ultimate Cat Toy

A cat exercise wheel is the most stimulating cat toy you can invest in.

With the Athlecat™ your cat will stay engaged, active and mentally sharp within the safety and comfort of your home. The wheel's unique circular motion, scratchable surface and low-noise rims offer endless fascination and fixation fulfilling your cat's need for constant stimulation during play.

Start taking your cat's well-being seriously:  Avoid spending thousands of dollars on unwanted vet bills brought on by years of unhealthy habits. Investing in a cat exercise wheel could reduce the likelihood of your cat developing weight-related health problems and potentially extend their lifespan. 

Remember, it's never too late: The desire to run and play is innate in all cats for life, regardless of age, breed, or size. The beauty of cat wheels is that they can be learned at any age!


At Athlecat™ cat safety takes precedence. With that in mind, we've included a locking-slide key, which allows you to monitor your cat's wheel activity

Removable Magic Scratch Carpet - keeps your cat active and interested from the beginning

Inside the base, you'll find our signature four TPE silent rolling wheels that operate seamlessly and smoothly, accommodating cats of varying weights and shapes.

Finally, the Athlecat™ comes with pre-installed wheel segments, ensuring a hassle-free assembly process without the risk of costly mistakes.

The Benefits

Mental Stimulation - Cats are naturally curious creatures. Using a cat wheel is a new, stimulating process that gives your cat all the problem-solving they need to keep anxiety and depression symptoms at bay.

Overall Health - Using a cat wheel increases your cat's lifespan, improves muscle and joint development and stimulates their nervous system to combat illness.

Safe indoor exercise - Almost half of all feline deaths are reported to be road traffic related. Keep your cat active and safe indoors, giving them all the exercise they need.

Avoid destructive behavior - Let your cat channel all of their energy into their wheel. We've built in a removable, easy to replace/clean scratch carpet around the inside of the wheel to keep your cat interested from the beginning.

Included in each wheel

On top of your own Athlecat™ Cat Exercise Wheel...

A gift from us: Every order now includes a dangling cat toy as a special bonus. We've also included a 8-step training guide to ensure your cat gets started on their wheel, offering your cat the best opportunity to begin running in as little time as possible.

We also include spare parts for all key components.


Internal Wheel Diameter = 40 inch (104cm) Perfect for all cats.

Wheel Size: 44"Hx 44"W x 11"D

Package size: 24''x18''x10''

Shipping & Returns

FREE&FAST Tracked Delivery USA

All of our Wheels are stored in USA warehouses

28 day refund policy in line with statute. More information regarding our refund policy is available here:


cat toy included
scratchable hanging mouse

Not all cats are motivated by treats. For a limited time we've included a hanging scratchable mouse free with every order to get your cat moving.

Includes a bell to activate every cat sense, giving your cat an additional bonus to their new cat running wheel.

cat stimulation toy, mouse on a stick

WARNING: The market is littered with dangerous, undersized and overpriced cat running wheels.

Unofficial Cat Wheels are a serious risk to your cat. Be sure the model you are purchasing is a verified brand.

Each one of models has been tested by our quality team to make sure it's 100% cat safe.

product comparison between two cat running wheels
the perfect size

Never choose a cat wheel below a 40'' internal diameter - proven dangerous for cats spines.

Athlecat 40 inch inner wheel diameter. Crafted for use by all breeds, shapes and sizes. Equipped for kittens, adolescence and older cats.

Lightweight spinning for all strengths and abilities.

diameter of the athlecat cat wheel showing the large large cat wheel 40 inch diameter
the best quality

Removable Magic Scratch Carpet: Keeps your cat active and interested from the beginning.

Cushioned landing with our double-layered fabric Fully replaceable, included in our warranty package

keep everyone safe
safety lock-in mechanism

Safety lock-in device - you decide when playtime starts and ends. Lock your wheel at night to give everyone a good night's sleep

Helps keep training to one cat at a time.


Will my cat use their wheel?

Every cat is different, but we truly believe that with enough patience and knowledge any cat can be trained to use a cat wheel.

That's why we've created our training guide - the only one available on the market. We're also on hand when you need us to help you through the process!

Total estimated training time: this can vary between 2 days and up to 8 weeks. Depends on the cat, training frequency and quality of training.

Are cat wheels safe?

Our wheel has been engineered by a team of specialist designers with safety as a #1 priority

We've included a safety lock so you can easily decide when playtime starts and ends.

This means you always have total control of the training process.

In the early stages this can stop your cat hurting from themselves, which might put them off their wheel forever.

Why do I need this size?

We cannot stress enough how important it is to get a large sized wheel is for your cat.

Our 40 inch wheel diameter is perfectly suited to lower the stress on cats spines as they run.

Smaller sized wheels not only pose a real threat to your cats spinal chord, but also run a risk of your cat becoming tangled in their wheel and spun off.

Always pick a wheel that is 39 inches+ in diameter

How much noise does it make?

IMPORTANT: Ensure the individual wheel segments of your Athlecat are lined up correctly to ensure the wheel doesn't rotate on a ridge.

A misaligned wheel segment might make a slight 'clunking' noise as it spins.

Don't stress, this takes minutes to fix, and the wheel is designed to avoid it (so it shouldn't be a worry for most people)

Our Low Sound Technology:

The wheel includes TPE Silent Rolling Wheels which are designed to make minimal sound as the wheel spin at any speed.

Remember: You can always lock the device when you need absolute silence. Never get annoyed at your cat for using their wheel!

Who are Athlecat™ exactly?


We are a dedicated team looking to change the way cats play.

We've studied the data, and have seen what is happening to cats around the world.

Cats are naturally active creatures that need to exercise, play and stimulate their mind everyday.

Sadly, most indoor cats never get this opportunity.

Rising obesity rates, underestimated levels of depression and anxiety among felines.... the list goes on.

Not to mention the dangers of cats playing outside in urban areas. Some city vets report up to 40% of cat deaths being caused by car/road related incidents.

The Athlecat™ is here to help fight this lack of exercise epidemic.

Once you've got your wheel, we're here to support you. We'll be by your side during assembly, training and post-warranty care.

Currently, we only sell in the USA and UK, but in future we're looking to expand into Asia and European countries like Germany.

If you've got any questions, click the contact us tab at the top or just email us at - we'd love to hear from you.

Oh, and one final thing. Make sure to check us out on social media and drop us a like! We're still building our social platforms, so help us spread the message! The Athlecat™ is here to change the way cats play.